Algorithm Audit consists of an executive board, a Core Team, an advisory board and works with audit commissions composed of independent experts. Learn more about Algorithm Audit and how you can contribute.

About Algorithm Audit

In 2021, Algorithm Audit was founded on the idea that ethics in algorithmic methods urgently needs case-based experience and a bottom-up approach. Algorithm Audit’s main activities are:

Audit commissions

Forming independent audit commissions for advising on ethical issues emerging in concrete algorithmic practice. Resulting over time in algoprudence.

Technical tooling

Implementing and testsing technical tools to detect and mitigate (higher-dimensional forms of) bias. See our bias scan tool.

Knowledge platform

Bringing together experts and knowledge to ignite the collective learning process on the responsible use of algorithms, including contributions to the public debate relating to the responsible use of algorithms. Read our white papers and op-eds.


Jurriaan Parie

Jurriaan has a background in statistics and data science. He has been working in academia and industry on Trustworthy AI.

Ariën Voogt

Ariën has a background in physics and philosophy. He currently pursues a PhD in philosophy and theology at the Protestant Theological University Amsterdam.

Samaa Mohammad-Ulenberg

Samaa has a background in AI. In 2023, she received the Women in AI Diversity Leader Award, and is listed in the ‘100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics’.

Core team

Statistics & AI

Joel Persson

Joel is a PhD-candidate in Causal Inference & Data Science at ETH Zürich with industry experience in fairness for algorithmic decision-making.

Law & Ethics

Vahid Niamadpour

Vahid is a PhD-researcher in Applied Linguistics at Leiden University. Among other things, he applies discourse analysis to speech and NLP.


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Ola Al Khatib

Ola is a PhD-researcher in the legal regulation of algorithmic decision-making at Utrecht University. Her work is strengthened by experiences from the public and private sector.

Advisory board

Expert hub

International experts from a range of disciplines and professional backgrounds contribute to the work of Algorithm Audit. Expertise from among others data science, policy making, law and ethics strenghtens our problem statements, white papers and advocacy work. Connect with the international AI auditing community: Join the Slack channel.

Audit commissions

The composition of audit commissions varies per case. The exact makeup of commissions is shared here: Algoprudence.