We are working on a variety of cases. Once an normative advice commission has gathered and examined the ethical issue, the original problem statement and corresponding advice will be published on this website. Others learn from our algoprudence, help to improve it and utilize it as a best practice in similar cases.

We are open to new cases. Please reach out to us when you know a case for review.

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Risk Profiling for Social Welfare Reexamination

The commission judges that algorithmic risk profiling can be used under strict conditions for sampling residents receiving social welfare for re-examination. The aim of re-examination is a leading factor in judging profiling criteria. Read more...

AA:2023:02 2023 Public organisation Profiling ML Proxy discrimination

BERT-based disinformation classifier

The audit commission believes there is a low risk of (higher-dimensional) proxy discrimination by the BERT-based disinformation classifier and that the particular difference in treatment identified by the quantitative bias scan can be justified, if certain conditions apply. Read more...

AA:2023:01 2023 Algorithm Audit Bias Detection Tool ML FP-FN balancing

Type of SIM card as a predictor variable to detect payment fraud

The audit commission advises against using type of SIM card as an input variable in algorithmic models that predict payment defaults and block afterpay services for specific customers. As it is likely that type of SIM card acts as a proxy-variable for sensitive demographic categories, the model would run an intolerable risk of disproportionally excluding vulnerable demographic groups from the payment service. Read more...

AA:2022:01 2022 Private organisation Profiling Proxy discrimination